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Elevate your computing experience with our cutting-edge Ryzen Virtual Private Servers, featuring state-of-the-art CPUs, DDR5 RAM, and lightning-fast NVMe drives. Experience unrivaled performance and efficiency with our latest offerings tailored to meet your diverse needs.

$5.99 /mo
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4 locations available!

Our strategically positioned servers across the United States ensure optimal connectivity and superior hardware at competitive rates, enabling you to achieve optimal ping performance.

Premium Servers

Super Quick Setup

With streamlined processes, our setup time for nearly all orders is within a 10-minute window, ensuring prompt and hassle-free delivery of the services you've requested.

Premium Hardware

Driven by cutting-edge AMD Ryzen Processors renowned for their speed and efficiency, our hardware guarantees top-tier hardware performance, delivering unparalleled quality and reliability.

Fast Support

Our commitment lies in delivering expedited support services to our valued customers, ensuring that your needs remain our paramount focus. You are our foremost priority.







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Embark on your journey with PFM and unlock the server of your dreams. Experience unparalleled excellence as we provide nothing short of the finest server solutions at the most competitive prices available.

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